Voyager is creating a second Ascom simulator

While testing Voyager with CDC and “Sky simulator for ASCOM” we (me and a club member) noticed a strange problem that two ASCOM “Telescope simulator for. NET” where created. There was only one admin account in the laptop but Voyager ask default a higher level startup like it’s an installer.

If you first start CDC or “Sky simulator for ASCOM”, they both create/communicate with the same ASCOM “Telescope simulator for. NET”. But as soon Voyager (asking additional admin rights) is started a second ASCOM “Telescope simulator for. NET” faceplate is created by Voyager. These are not the same simulators and the RA, DEC positions are different causing a mayor interaction problem.

For CDC it can be fixed by letting Voyager to start CDC or by starting CDC and or “Sky simulator for ASCOM” with administrator rights.

Why is Voyager asking additional elevated admin rights during startup? Can this be avoided and left to the user to decide if it’s required?


Screenshot how to set it default for Sky Simulator to allow it to work with Voyager.:

Voyager run like administrator, ever.
Leave Voyager start all for you.

All the best

That’s exactly what i did with the Sky Simulator.
Sorry for that, i forgot to mention it.

It also happens with other applications. The user reports double ASCOM dome drivers if started separately.

It is also unsafe if the program is infected with a virus. Elevated level is normally only required for install programs.


Stop wanting to make other people’s programs work the way you want.
Voyager has been working as an administrator for years … stop … if it were so dangerous it couldn’t be done.
Voyager is not made to crochet or to read the news on the stock exchange or to withdraw money … it does astrophotography and like many other astrophotography programs it works as administrator.
If you feel that it is not safe, you should simply not use it. Han if you want to talk about your programs here you are welcome, but talk about yours.