Voyager isn't only 32bit application

Today I read this on a public forum about Voyager:

Voyager has only a 32bit core to be compatible with the most used driver that are all at now at 32bit
Other processes and libraries running in 64-bit mode like a library for star search, FIT Viewer, dashboard dispatcher, and generally all that to concern imaging data. Voyager is multithread and with isolation level for each action and parallelized process where is really needed and doesn’t touch the reliability.

Just for your info.

PS thanks to Peter for the nice words about Voyager. There are a lot of people thinking that open source is better. Is the people that having the idea who change the things not the mode to dev it … a lot of open source application copy from commercial suite.


That’s neat that you can isolate the individual threads. I’ve heard it handles the new larger cameras alot better than the other guys. I know it definitely downloads pictures much faster than the other software programs I’ve used in the past.

Thanks for making an efficient program. It saves alot of time for the things we really want to do; imaging.

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I just recently got my fist OSC, ZSO ASI2600. When I ran some test with SGP, I ran into some issues with downloads getting stuck with the large files from ASI2600. Never had issues with DSLR downloads.

With Voyager, between last two nights, I take about 350 frames and had no issues with downloads or crashes.

Thanks for feedback on Voyager … Voyager is a system integrator. Phylosophy is different from the other applications like the one you have mentioned.

All the best