Voyager Log Viewer?

Hi Leo,
what do you think about making Voyager Log Viewer? Or maybe there is already something like this exists?

Very often i come back to my imaging pc in the morning when everything is parked, warmed and closed with the folders full of lights and flats.
But i always wish to know how the night went, if everything gone as planned, did all the frames imaged as planned, did i had frame restarts or guide lost during the night.

It would be very useful to load the Voyager’s log file to some Viewer that will show basicaly just the error events, guide lost, frame restart, number of frames out of planned completed etc…

What other thinks, will you guys find it useful to have such a viewer?



if you need reporting service you must think to upgrade to the Advanced version of Voyager

This version (with internal scheduler) has automatic report in PDF of the night with all informations and also you have the same information with all history in the Voyager RoboTarget Manager.

I hope this helps.

All the best

Another thing you can do (Even when using Advanced) is to import the log files in to Excel so that you can use filters to find only the entries of interest. I have done that when trying to fault find troublesome equipment.

I hadn’t even realized that Reporting is unique to Advanced only. I regard Scheduler is a life saver. But now to learn that Reporting, (which is so beautifully executed) is yet another benefit of the Advanced version forces me to wonder why anyone would ever hesitate to upgrade. Just my 2 cents. Obviously I am a real fanboy for Voyager Advanced.