Voyager + NAS / network location

I’m running a trial of Voyager (latest daily build 2.2.13f) and it doesn’t appear to want to connect to a NAS / network location for opening an image. I’m assuming therefore that it won’t allow me to save images to a network location either?

Calling a mapped drive location:


Using a local http web address (192.168.0.x/xxx) also does not work but has a different error message (I can’t show 2 embedded images as a new user).

I generally use NAS for all of my data files, so is this a Voyager issue, or do I need to set something up?

Check your network settings or map your network folder as disk. Voyager uses the OS API to load and save the files, cannot do in anyelse mode. Connect to NAS is not something related to an application but to your OS.

This is just an example on how to open an image stored in a NAS.

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Using a network location (\\xxx) works, but mapping as a drive letter does not.

\\Jon\Images\Astrophotography works

N:\Images\Astrophotography does not


I saw this in another astro application and was told sorry, I have to use the network path.

If you map a network disk work in anycase … Voyager not know if is real or mapped. My advice is to check your network mapping.

Ok, but I’m not sure what else I can do apart from this?


Edit: Is network discovery set to ‘on’ required? I usually have it switched off.

Something like this where you say name of disk and introduce the folder or not work:

Sorry but my OS is in italian

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activate network service or you dont see the network

Italian is fine, it all means the same!

In my NAS(s) I have a root folder ‘Jon’, which I map to - this works for most other applications, which is why I thought it might have been a Voyager thing.

All other folders are in a tree below this.

I cannot see any mapped folders in Voyager for example:


There should also be a list of all mapped drives?

Anyway, this looks like it’s not a Voyager issue, more like the way I have my network setup.

Thanks for helping, I will figure it out!

And here is ‘my computer’… with mapped drives:



yes, this is what I expect to see.

Voyager fit viewer is fine though…!

I’m confused!

I will investigate on it !

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Grazie mille.

If there’s any more information you need from me (computer / network information) let me know!

I think problem is Voyager start like administrator, so map network driver with a different credential directly on the browse for folder clicking on the computer node with right click on mouse, choose reconnect with a different user, switch the username with the actual user name you are logged and use the password of this user, close the browse for folder control and reopen , you will found the new sharing

Hope this help

I found a workaround and will be ready for the next daily build of Voyager, thanks for your post.

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I never realised that was an issue.

I use a QNAP NAS and have Voyager save to a local drive on my imaging PC, and then the QNAP Qsync application copies it to the NAS (Which means the initial file save in Voyager is faster as it is local) and Qsync also copies the file to my PC in the house from the NAS. I end up with three physically separated copies of each image file within about 30 seconds of the download from the camera. I imagine most NAS manufacturers would have a similar sync application.

Is not an issue … you must use the right user to connect the network drive or change the policies in OS.
Overall isn’t a good idea to use a NAS (or generally a slow disk) like primary storage during Voyager running, you must use the fastest disk you have on the PC.

Solution with Sync is the right way to work Paul.

All the best

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Ok, sound advice - my NASes are also Qnap so I’ll take a look at qsync.

Also, hopefully the workaround for strange NAS accessing will work well.


The latest daily build 2.2.13g2 has fixed the mapped network drives issue on both the ‘demo’ pc and ‘trial’ laptop installations I am testing.

I’ve also installed Qsync, and am testing that - hopefully without issues, as I usually like to be very manual when it comes to backups / syncing etc. as I’ve been caught out before!

So far so good, so keep up the good work!

Like I said Jonk …