Voyager Price Increasing August 1

Hi folks,

It’s time to adjust Voyager’s price.

I just posted a news article that explains what, why, and when – but the short version is, we agree with many of you who have told us that Voyager is too cheap.

Voyager is simply priced too low for what it delivers. We have been told by very experienced imagers as well as people who sell to them that we are missing a lot of the market. Even though Voyager is just as good as programs costing four or five times as much, people are not even considering it because of its low price.

We want to give people who are currently evaluating, or considering evaluating Voyager plenty of time to finish their trial and buy a license at the current price, so the price increase is not going into effect until August 1, over six weeks from now.

The new pricing, effective August 1, 2019, is as follows:

Voyager Base: 129 Euros (includes first 12 months of support and updates)
Voyager’s optional support and update renewal fee remains unchanged at 29 Euros.
Voyager Advanced and Viking prices remain unchanged.

This increase is less than what people have recommended. And if you are an existing customer, you know the kind of value you get from Voyager’s reliable automated imaging - and the constant flow of new features - 28 major and daily build releases so far this year!

If you’re already a customer, thanks for your loyalty and please spread the word to your friends who might be planning to evaluate Voyager.

If you’re considering Voyager, now is a good time to buy a license and save a bit.

If it’s past August 1 when you read this, please know that Voyager is still a value leader in astro imaging software.

Leo and Rowland

Just to say I fully support this , I have always said software must provide a income for the author
a sensible income will enable leo to continue his hard work and vision.
As most of us know software is one the cheaper items of astrophotography , but one of the most important .

Harry Page


Thanks so much Harry! Your support is sincerely appreciated.

I know it’s one of those cliche’s company use to introduce change to say “our customers have asked us…” and you can tell it’s usually something they made up. But in this case, we literally have had this feedback from so many people we’ve lost count.

And yes, if Leo counted his hours against his license income… well, let’s hope he doesn’t :slight_smile: !!


Hi Rowland,

it was really time to do that! So well done! The hours of hard work are definitely not payed yet and won’t be payed in the future. But it is a step in the right direction.
Thank you Leo and Rowland for this awesome piece of software! I own PrismV10 advanced too, payed 365 € and was not able to do a fully automated capturing since 1 year. The support is as bad as it could be. I’ve bought Voyager and was able after the first night to do a fully automated sequence. Nothing more to say.
Keep up the great work!


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I agree with Stefan. Having tried several automation programs and not being able to do what I want was very frustrating. Voyager has met all of my needs and more. Leo has been one of the best software writers to work with and so willing to make changes to help us. Leo has done his part, we now need to do our part by sending him additional funding … sure do not want to lose him. Voyager is worth every penny.

Thanks Leo and Roland for all the hard work.



Leo, Rowland

I think this is a natural and justified step given Voyager’s reliability and increasing user-base demand on the developer.
I would just caution that you both, in particular Leo, need to keep firm in terms of the objectives of the software and what is achievable with it.
Having been a user of MaxIM since version 2.0 I looked to other software when the former started to become buggy. I followed SGPro’s development for a couple of years and after a very promising start, it led to developer exhaustion, bugs and eventually unhappy customers. Trying to please everyone never works (in my view). Astro-photography is a tiny market and most users are pretty self-centred hence my vote for a steady course!
Good luck!


Thanks Roberto, your feedback is valuable and your support is appreciated.

Voyager’s biggest differentiators are reliability, flexibility of automation and outstanding support.

Leo makes the development decisions and I can tell you from personal experience, he will not make changes to Voyager that compromise any of these core values.

But we expect you to keep us honest on this regard!


Thanks also to Craig and Stefan! Your support is so very appreciated.

Your experience is the same as mine, I never heard of Voyager until last December and once I tried it, I just put everything else aside.

If I had the money back I spent on other software I could buy a nice refractor - or two :slight_smile: !


I don’t think there is anything else to add.
I agree with everyone, in particular I feel very close to the thought of Harry.

Thanks for everything and … come on !!!


Thank you Marzio!!

It is very, very rewarding for us to have the support and understanding of all of you.

Most companies get a lot of “hate” when they talk about a price increase.

You all are the best!!