Voyager software Updates Backward Compatible?

I have been using Voyager version 2.3.5 and everything has been working well and I have been hesitant to update to the latest version. I am now trying to capture a Mosaic and I am having some issues with version 2.3.5. Question, if I update the software to the latest version, can I use my existing profiles setup, sequence and drag script files. Or do I need to start over and recreate these files from scratch. Basically want to know how much effort is required for this software update to work?

Voyager save each time the profiles in a backup folder so going back its really easy if the profile (for some really uncommon reason) are not usable after downgrade.


For your info there aren’t any issue with mosaic in 2.3.5 or 2.3.6 or oldest, so depends on what you are doing and not from Voyager versions.

All the best