Voyager Startup

I am using an AP1600 mount and the planetarium program is the SKYX. When I start up Voyager two things happen that are baffling. First, for some reason Voyager takes a picture using the SKYX camera add on. This seems to be just an issue that things open very slowly the first time but I’d prefer that Voyager not do this at all. Second, the mount starts tracking on connect even though both the AP driver and Voyager have the correct settings not to do this. What setting in Voyager am I supposed to use to prevent this? Is it a connection issue as I am going through ASCOM mount directly and not using the SKYX for Mount?

What you think is an issue is a tip to use better Tsx. Again before say is an issue please check the documentation about start tracking and check setting of your mount. If you continue again I will suspend your account

Hi Ross, there are better ways to address your concerns other that calling them issues and maybe suggesting Voyager is responsible, all i can see is user misinformation, in my personal experience, everything in Voyager was really intuitive and i was imaging in no time, even the scripting took me only a little bit to understand and get going, we are here to help, but every one needs to do their part by reading the Wiki and please don’t think that by default everything is an issue, this only makes things difficult for us that only want to help.