Voyager + TSX MYT not connecting

Hi, I’m currently trying the demo version of Voyager and I’m trying to get it to work with The SkyX Pro 64.
When I try to connect the mount within Voyager I get an error “object synchronization method was called from an unsynchronized block of code”. I get this with both the mount and planetarium sections of startup, but not plate solve and blind solve (successful connect) using theskyx64. These errors appear before TSX64 is launched via Voyager. TCP server is enabled in TSX port 3040.

I’m running
64bit Intel NUC with windows 11
TSX64 10.5.0 build 13210
Voyager 2.3.4a

If anyone has any idea as to how I could solve this it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Please, do not use forum for support request. use the official support channel:

We do not offer official support by forum.

This error not coming from Voyager. I suggest to send us the log to help you on write a request to SB support.

All the best