Voyager version 2.3.5h

Loaded 2.3.5h today. I noticed in RoboTarget manager that targets that were showing finished are now showing idle and no longer green (finished). I suppose the new manager reset all the counters for all targets?

Will hopefully get to try out the new moon avoidance options soon.


Sorry if I missed this, where is 2.3.5h distributed? I don’t see an email about that.


I got an email today a few hours ago.


Ok thanks. Not seeing it, I’ll wait. Am I the only one not receiving an email about 2.3.5h?

@yzhzhang , please check your email box and spam folder, comunications are sent by mailing list like for campaign original explanation.

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Hi Jon,

no reset absolutely. Check if you are using from remote an old version of RoboTarget Manager.

This is last version 2.3.5h running with RoboTarget Manager Beta 14 (installed with 2.3.5h setup):

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Thanks. Found it in the spam lol

The finished ones still showing green in mine after 2.3.5h update.

Finished can go back to IDLE if you modify the target (every settings) or shots related to target.
After first run of Scheduler if the number of shot is not changed and the target processing report target is finished will be set to FINISHED.

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Thanks for the new version, Leo! The new constrains for the moon are excellent.

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You wrote on your email : “Please align all the PCs running the RoboTarget (Voyager) and the RoboTarget Manager, if you have more than one. (More simple please install this new setup in all the PC used for Advanced, locally or remote).”

But, voyager advanced beta can be used on only one PC, can you confirm ?
For me the best way will be to have a second PC with Voyager advanced bêta running to test the remote connection of RoboTarget.

Thank you Leo,

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Hi Romuald,

I was talking about using a remote RoboTarget Manager for manage a remote installation.

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Hi Leo,
I checked and am running Beta 14 of RoboTarget manager. I am not running RoboTarget remotely. My Voyager and RoboTarget manager are all installed on the same computer (Eagle4pro). You can see in my finished target folder the object shows “running”. All the targets here show the same thing. I have not run a session yet but will tonight. When rob-target runs you mentioned that it will query the data base and the finished targets should turn green?
My other folder you can see that the targets I’m still working on are idle.
I will see what happens tonight when I start a session. If for some reason the finished targets are not recognized as finished I will just disable them.


Ok Jon,

I will reach you on PM

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Hi there - I wonder if I am not getting these email, I have checked all my junk folders.

Check your spam folder, mail sent to all you included.

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I found it my replacing the “f” with “h” on the current Release download link :slight_smile:
Couldn’t find in my email anywhere.

Our side we can see you have opened the mailing list without problems like reported by MailChimp.
Evidence of this in PM.

Try to contact you email provider about.
I’m sure they have an explanation for this, we cannot do anything about

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