Voyager Web Dashboard coming soon

Me and Leo are very proud to introduce the new Web Dashboard.
It will extends Voyager’s main interface on the web browser, thanks to Voyager Application Server, and allows you to send all commands, search target, launch sequence, see all infos and environment data, power on the cooler, start the guide and see the graph, park the mount or take a shot… Almost all of you do it normally with the standard software interface, but this time you can work on site or in any other part of the world, on your tablet, smartphone or pc, with a responsive, cross platform and cross device Web Dashboard.
Stay tuned, Voyager Web Dashboard is coming soon…


This is truly remarkable, gentlemen. Your implementation of the dashboard looks impeccable! I set up in my back yard for multiple days at a time and welcome the ability to control my system remotely.

A thousand thanks for doing this.



This looks wonderful! I agree with Glenn, the UI looks excellent. I’ll look forward to its release.

Quick question: will we be able to write and run DragScripts with this UI?



Run yes … write in the future


Leo, this is amazing. You truly have set the bar higher than everyone.


I couldn’t agree more, I recently started using voyager and I can not tell you how impressed I am. Now this! This is amazing… I’m very excited for the web interface. Thank you so much, excellent work!

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Wow. Just wow. :grinning: Looks amazing.

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Thanks to both of you for this wonderful work ! It just shows how well the core software is written that feature like this can be added so quickly - very impressive.


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Will it be released with the Voyager update or will it be a separated component? In the second situation, will it have an adjunctive cost?

Will be on base voyager update, voyager price was changed 1th August. Spread the words about Voyager thanks


Wow, very nice! This gives me another talking point for people who ask about remote access to their system … now they don’t need to bring up TeamViewer or VLC, access is just an URL away! Make sure it’s good access control (don’t want any hackers getting in) but this is really exceptional! Once again Leo sets the bar high and hits the mark! :slight_smile:

We start to release and we secure it … isn’t a website but a socket you must put to extern from router you can secure with vpn or for single ip access. We will add a token version in future.


Will this web front end work with a direct WiFi connection from local computer in my dining room to telescope computer (Eagle 3) running Voyager? This would be great.

Yes Wayne for sure. Just you need to retrieve IP address of eagle from application server monitor in voyager or from win os

Excellent!!! I’m getting real tired of the Team Viewer and RDP access.

Thanks, Wayne

for Wayne_Hixson
Team Viewer is one of the worst remotes pieces of software out there. It’s good for IT technicians but not what we use it for. I constantly had issues with that product not connecting and stay connected.

A better product to use is the newer version of Microsoft Remote Desktop version You can find it on their website. It is not part of the regular Windows install process and it replaces the default remote desktop app. There is also some good instructions on how to set it up from the MS and PrimeLuce website documentation. Once setup with the Eagle3 system it runs flawlessly. That’s how I run all my imaging systems from anywhere in the house with WiFi with any WiFi enabled devices. Make sure you have enabled the remote settings in both the PC and Eagle3.

Thanks I will give it a try!

OK I went to the Microsoft Store and downloaded the Remote Desktop app. Set it up and it seems to work great - very fast. took me a minute to figure out it was a desktop app and move a shortcut to the desktop. I’ll use it for a while but looks good so far

Great! I was glad I found it three months ago and has not let me down to date :+1: Glad to share.

Can you set up file sharing and transfer?