Voyager's Stickers

Stickers! If you want to receive a set of stickers about Voyager … send an email to with your data … We will send to you by postal service. (Size is 5x5 cm, qt. 5)

All the best


Request sent! Please let us know how to cover your shipping and handling costs.



No cost Glenn, is a gift for who have a license.
Only costs is spread words about Voyager :smiley:

All the best

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Very cool. Maybe you could sell baseball caps with Voyager logo. :grinning:

Difficult to do for free … but if a certain number of you are interest I can think about :smiley:

I said “sell” baseball caps, not for free. Simply advertise promotional products at your web site. Besides selling baseball caps but also T-shirts with huge Voyager logo as well. :sunglasses:


Brilliant. Thanks Leonardo