Wait High Level. What is the purpose?

I’ve been reviewing other dragscripts shared on the site and I’m trying to understand what the function “Wait High Level” performs. I see it used typically in Event programming. Any comments would be appreciated.


Hi Jim,
Wait High Level is a DragScript command that monitors the status of a Viking control line:

  • Wait High Level IN: Wait until the specified Viking input remains at a high level for the given amount of time. Viking, as you probably know, is a companion product to Voyager that interfaces with devices that control your observatory - relays, switches, sensors, etc.

It is documented in the Wiki:


  • Client ID: Select the client ID to use when communicating to Viking. Currently this is pre-selected to Client ID #1
  • IN Number: IN device to monitor for a high status
  • Is MyHome Bticino Input Type: If checked, the input to monitor is a MyHome Bticino device https://www.bticino.com/solutions/home-automation/
  • High for: Number of seconds for the device to remain in a high state to exit the wait
  • Timeout: Number of seconds to wait before timing out the wait
  • OK: Save the settings and close the window
  • Cancel: Discard changes and close the window

Thanks Rowland. I saw this in the manual. I have the Viking add and I use it to interact with my Digital Loggers Pro Switch. I guess I’m asking if the Wait High Level is specific to just certain Clients or another way to look at it can it read the High state on all devices that are controlled by Viking? I’m confused by the term High State.


High state is a term to define logic asserted status or true. Depends on the logic in your I/O card and how you have cabled the input (normal logic 0=off, 1=ON or inverted 0=ON,1=OFF). High state can assume a different value but generally high state mean true.

Example : Roof with a promity sensor to understand if its open. If you have the contact open probably you have 0V that mean 0 logic and roof open. if you have 12V or a voltage different from zero on the sensor this mean contact closed or 1 logic or high state. If otherwise you have contact open if the roof is closed this mean 0V on sensor input but for you is 1 logic or High State and open roof have contact closed so more than 0V and you assume 0 logic or low state.

I hope this helps.

Thanks Leo. I was reviewing the perpetual script you provided previously and have been working on customizing it for my setup. I came across the “Wait Hight Level” in several Blocks and was trying to see if it has any value for me. As you have described it does not given my power solution.