Wait weather then open dome


Is it possible to add a wait event that checks on the weather or safety status?

Once a sequence starts both weather and safety are monitored for emergency suspend/resume/exit. What about implementing an option to wait for good weather/safe condition for a sequence to start?



This is something i have in mind.
My idea is to create a generic “Wait Safety OK” block that wait for weather but also for Safety conditions and Viking safety conditions to start . If all is ok (or not managed) Dragscript continue with the next block

But problem is … how to manage against events ?

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Thank you Leo. Great minds think alike! :joy:
The block would need to be placed early in the session and from thereon the current suspend/resume/exit take over?
It will also be the responsibility of the user, as it is now, to check if any preceding actions could cause a start before safe status.

I think to allow running of this block only if events are disabled or bypass it if are enabled.
So if script run with start block properties of event disabled and you put for first the new block this mean operation start only when safety is ok. User must enable events when they finish the startup operation.

What you think about ?


I don’t quite follow. If I understand you correctly, this new block would be at the very start of the Dragscript and only if conditions are safe, then any other processes follow. Is that correct?
If so, that makes sense and it would work as I would expect.
As a follow on question, could actions such as cooling down camera, etc precede the new block? So that equipment is ready as soon as conditions are safe for dome to open?


yes you are correct … you can start with event disabled do what you want and the block to wait safety status, this block will enable automatically the events and you can cntinue with is necessary to shot.

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I have a similar concern. I like to open the dome an hour before dark to cool. Currently, I have safety to configured to close in light and very light conditions. If I start drag script it will close the observatory because it is still very light. I need a way to ignore safety for light conditions during dusk.


Hello Max , in your case you need only to ignore light … is different.
If rain you must close also if there is some light … this is another case to manage.


I’m not sure whether you’ve resolved this but I found that putting a ‘Connect Safety Monitor Control’ as the first script element will immediately initiate an ‘Emergency Suspend’ based on the conditions. I actually have a 10 second wait just after that to give time for the Saftey monitor to take action but you might be able to trim or remove that.


Hi Robert

I don’t connect my hardware through Dragscript. I do this manually at the start of a session to check everything is working as expected. Thanks for letting me know this is an issue. You have solved it well.


On start Block you can decide to have event disable or also you can put disable event block like first