Wake on Lan to Mount

Hello, my 10Micron can be turned on and off via Wake on Lan. I was wondering if there was a way to send such a signal via voyager ? Thank you

Google WOL PowerShell script. Use at your own risk :joy:

possibly more than one solution is there. I use wakeup LAN in my OCS to start my voyager PC, I build the OCS in node-red. I created an API Call and use that in the drag script. That’s how I open my roof. But it can be done for the mount as well. I google as Robberto told, Wake On LAN - powershell.one. hoop it gives some ideas


The script could be run from within Dragscript. I switch on my equipment via an IPswitch using a simple script that is ran from Dragscript. The WOL scripts online I found look rather simple and should be straightforward to edit to work with your particular circumstances.


Thank you. I will try those options.

Hi Fred.

I use a program called wolcmd to send the signal to my 10Micron mounts. It can easily be called from DragScript. Here is the link:


Feel free to reach out if I can help.

Thanks Tim

All the best

Thank you z as ok for the ideas and help.