Weather: boltwood file test

I’m trying to setting up the Voyager function which raises possible Suspend or Exit events according to current weather.
I developed a routine that takes the weather data from OpenWeatherMap and elevates possible rain alerts using a Raspberry Pi based rain sensor and then writes the Boltwood-like text file. I tried to write this line

2021-08-25 18:14:54.69 C m 000.0 027.4 000000 000.90 049 015.70 000 0 0 00000 00000000000 1 1 1 1 0 0

that should match the correct Boltwood file specifications.
When I click on “TEST READ” button it seems all ok but the WRITE date indicated is 1899-12-30 00:00:00. Furthermore Voyager recognizes always an EXIT event even if data are safe (CLEAR-CALM-DRY-DARK). What’s wrong with this?
Any idea?

If data is too old it’s normal to have exit. I suggest you to retrieve documentation abou booltwood format and write the right data

This doc should help you, is online

Thank you very much Leo!

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