Weather vs. Safety Monitor

I’m setting up Voyager and I have an AAG Cloudwatcher. It has ASCOM drivers for both Observing Conditions and Safety Monitor. I’m trying to understand which of these I should set up in Voyager, or both? Here’s my understanding of the difference.

Safety Monitor - based on settings in the Cloudwatcher software, the Cloudwatcher determines if conditions are safe or not, and tells Voyager when conditions are Unsafe. In this situation, it appears that Voyager will ONLY know about Safe or Unsafe, not about conditions that might need a suspend/resume.

Weather - the Cloudwatcher sends weather information to Voyager, and Voyager decides whether conditions are safe or not base on settings in the Voyager Weather setup panel. In this situation, there can be conditions that trigger a suspend/resume, and others that trigger an Exit (unsafe) condition.

Is that correct?

If so, is there any real reason to use the Safety Monitor setup in addition to Weather? Or should I just use the Weather setup?


Hi Dan,

is correct. If you have weather better to use the Weather conditions that give to you more control.
If the safety monitor coming from the same system the is a good reason to not use associated to the weather.

Using safety monitor and weather is possible (also you can add the input coming from Viking sensors) , this like failover way to have emergency events managed in a strong mode.

All the best

Excellent. Thanks!