Web Dashboard 1.0.11 beta - Virtual FoV profile/size selection (by stored)

A new version of Web Dashboard is ready to use online.

In this version:
NEW => Virtual Field of View Profile/Size selection (by those previously connected and stored in your Browser)
ADD => Code refactoring and adaptation for coming feature implementation (Remote Voyager Profile selection and Mosaic framing/management with Virtual FoV and RoboClip)
MOD => Speed performance enhance

V 1.0.11 beta is available here:


Hi Francesco - a couple things on the new Dashboard. I’m not able to consistently get the image download on a machine other than the host, the indicator just spins. Second if I change the cooler temperature in one instance (say from -15 to -10) and then close the browser, and open the browser on another machine, it doesn’t reflect the new temp setting, it’s still at -15. Other than that, looking good!


The data is the same for all client, the graph interval depends on timing you open the new client. For the image new release doesn’t change anything about … depends on how much is bigger your sensor, on resolution you choose, on resources of your local device and speed of your lan. Try to lower the resolution in application server and tuning for your lowest device, especially if your sensor is big and you catch short exposure.

Francesco will look for temperature change.

All the best

Hi Wayne,
In the next version I will add a text field to show the set temp, now showed only in graph. I’ll update the temperature change on the input field also.
I confirm function to download are unchanged from previous release. Try to do as Leo says, and let us know, please using support mail next time.

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I love the sort by RA feature in the Roboclip. Any way it can get added to Roboclip via Web Dashboard?

Hi Pilot,
it’s really on the way.
This is on my screen now for testing, with other new features, Mosaic planning at first.


Sweet. Hope none of this is slowing down Advanced release! :wink: ( it dawns on me this is all part of the lead-up to Advanced being even better )

There’s a lot of work, you know, but it doesn’t scare us.
We think that good work is better than fast work.
Anyway this features, Mosaic planning with angle correction in Virtual FoV and RoboClip will be included in WebDashboard and Voyager base version very soon, it’s almost ready and need only some tests.
Voyager Advanced version will follow once ready.


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