Web Dashboard 1.0.12 beta - [Virtual FoV Mosaic and RoboClip]

A new version of Web Dashboard is ready to use online.

Virtual FoV => Mosaic Planning feature with RoboClip Integration
Virtual FoV => Advanced Mosaic drawing with rotation correction
Virtual FoV => Alert when using FoV profile different from Voyager connected profile (selected by menu or loaded with Mosaic data from RoboClip)
Virtual FoV => Increased Aladin window size and space optimization for toolkit
Virtual FoV => Mosaic Copy to Clipboard from main view and RoboClip Tiles List detail window
RoboClip => RoboClip web interface animation improved for better UX
RoboClip => Added Ra asc and Ra desc order for target
RoboClip => added mosaic handling features and windows tiles list
Roboclip => action feedback message animation optimized
BUG => JSON parse Error Handling improved
MOD => Increased main interface size reducing footer

WebDashboard 1.0.12 beta available here:


Francesco, I just gave the mosaic stuff a run down and it looks real good. I like the tight integration into RoboClip and the RoboClip Manager.

Also, thank you so much for implementing the RA sorts in the RoboClip Manager.

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Hi Madratter,
I’m very pleased, the integration with RoboClip is the key. All of this, including RA sorts, are possible thanks to great work Leo has done on Voyager Application Server.

Is the local webserver supposed to be serving up 1.0.11 or 1.0.12? It appears to be serving 1.0.11.

The normal URL: http://www.starkeeper.it/wdash/

is serving up 1.0.12.

Dear Madratter, i can assure you that the webdashboard opened by local webserver is the 1.0.12
Try to check if you are loading what you have in cache in your local browser or just press CTRL-F5 to realod from begin bypassing the cache

All the best

Hi Madratter,
as Leo says, it can be due to browser cache.
We have a dedicated button on WebDashboard, but beware because it will delete all stored data (ip and saved FoV profiles):

Let un know.

This is a repeat of a post I made on Cloudy Night, but it makes sense to have it here too.

Ok, I figured it out at least on my end. I normally don’t run Voyager in Admin mode even though you are supposed to do so. And it occasionally causes problems, especially when doing things like licensing, or updating the program.

In my case, I also don’t normally run the local web server. So when I updated the program to the latest, I wasn’t running the web server.

So, I did the following to fix it:

  1. Enabled the web server and got out of Voyager.

  2. rebooted my system (to make absolutely sure any instances of the web server were shutdown).

  3. Brought Voyager back up in Admin mode.

  4. Pressed the button in Voyager to get the local Web Dashboard.

  5. Used [ctrl] F5 to refresh the browser.

I now have 1.0.12 beta of the Web Dashboard when running with the local server.

This is all my bad. It is what I get for not running under Admin mode. There are reasons it is required. And every once in a while, I find a new one!

Sorry Madratter but Voyager must work like Admin, if you use in a different way we cannot guarranty to you support. Reason to work like admin are a lot … first of one Voyager must be able to do actions unattended. Also Voyager is a system integrator of Third part applications , not a simple automation program. If you not use it like admin also your DragScript cannot work like expected.

All the best