Web Dashboard 1.0.3 beta - Now accepting Hostnames

In this new version of WebDashboard is possible to use hostname for Voyager connection .
This make it possible to use your Dynamic IP address through hostname by Dynamic DNS services and similar.
Please refresh your browser page to ensure that you run the last version.
You can find it at bottom left of your screen.

Go to WebDashboard

Hope you enjoy it!


Love the clean view in the web interface. Will the web interface be local to the voyager program on the P.C. when it comes out of beta or only accessible via the voyager web site?

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Hi George,
me and Leonardo are considering it since the initial concept, it’s technically possible.
But I think we decide later about this, I can’t have a precise answer in this moment.
We’ll bring you the latest as it develops.
Thank you for kind words.


Thanks! I’d definitely like to use the web dashboard when I’m not able to access the internet.


Good morning,
for those like me who is a donkey about IP and Hostname, I would like to understand and ask for some things, but listing my situations.
1st - laptop PC connected to home network but management near the telescope.
2nd - Portable PC near the telescope in itinerant situations.

This WEB DAHSBORAD system allows you to manage everything from another PC or device (tablet or mobile), but how do they connect with each other?
And is it also possible to connect via wi-fi?

Could you explain to me how I can find the IP or Hostname and the port number?

I repeat, I am a donkey and I hope not to irritate you. Early apology.


Welcome Dario,

not worry you are welcome. The web dashboard work using network. your pc with voyager and pc where you want to use the dashboard must be in :

  • the same network (wifi or lan)
  • in 2 separated network but connected with a router
  • over internet and voyager must have a reachable IP (public / static with NAT and DDNS)
  • over internet and voyager PC have a VPN connection active bridging to your home PC (we can offer this service or you can use free solution or commercial solution)

IP address and port of Voyager application server you can find on Application Server tab :

More than one IP is normal condition if you have more than one network adapter, in this case what to choose depend on which network is located your client pc.

If you are at home or you are itinerant and you are connected at same wi-fi you are already in the same lan, just put the IP address in the dashboard connect panel.

If you have commercial license of Voyager you can ask for remote support on this.

All the best

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You can find the name of your PC in windows search “view your pc name” in the search then look for “Device Name” in the list. You can then use that name ie: JOHN-PC to connect to from the web dashboard.

You can also open a command prompt and type IPCONFIG and look for the ipv4 number but the name usually is much easier.

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Leo, I have been unsuccessful in connecting my desktop Mac to Voyager running on my laptop. I’ve been using the IP address and port indicated in the Application Server window, but after a minute or so of trying, my Mac times out with “Connection Error. Unknown reason.”


Hi Eric,
the Dashboard is developed and tested on a Mac, because I’m a Mac user. I want help you but I need details about the connection. Are the Mac desktop and laptop on the same local network?

Hi guys,
I did some tests with different connection configurations and I would say everything was fine. I don’t know when I will be able to test it on a real session, in any case I keep you informed.
Thank you so much for the great job, come on like this …
Thanks Francesco, thanks to all.

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Thank you Marzio for your feedback.

Francesco, I apologize for not saving my edit that included this information. Yes, the Mac is connected to the router via Cat6. The laptop is on the same network and LAN via WiFi.

I must leave at the moment and won’t see your next post until I return in about 90 minutes.


It seem to be no obstacle to the connection. We should be seeking the cause of this together with a remote teamviewer session.
If you want, send me a pvt message so we can figure it out.
Let me know

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I can connect to Voyager via a browser on my laptop, but again not with my Mac on the same network and LAN. I’m wondering if it has something to do with my non-wifi Linksys router.

Francesco, I disabled my wifi and connected my laptop directly to the network via CAT6. I was then able to connect to Voyager via my Mac. I then re-enabled wifi and was able to connect to Voyager on my laptop via my iPad. For whatever reason, within wifi there is no problem, but when crossing over from hardwire to wifi, I am unable to connect. I’m guessing this is a router configuration issue rather than anything within Voyager. Since I’m looking to connect via my iPad, this problem could be considered solved.

Thank you.


Gentlemen, well done!!! As I’m very new to Voyager and still learning I found this by accident tonight while waiting on a sequence. Very nice. This is so helpful in a couple of areas. Thank you!!

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I suspect there is two subnet on your lan, you have to check if the internal IP addresses (wifi connected and cable connected) are on the same network subnet.
Here you can see an example on the following table, my suspect is the second case, with third position different.


Let me know.

Hi Ehorton,
thank you, hope you enjoy.
All the best

Yes, Francesco. The third pair are 1 and 86 respectively for wired and wifi. I discovered this problem late last night and found your email this morning. Very timely. :slight_smile:

I have a four port Linksys LRT-214 that feeds a Netgear switch to give me an additional port. The switch is then feeds my wifi mesh and an additional Mac. That Mac has no problem connecting to my laptop via Voyager’s browser dashboard.

Thank you for your reply and time involved.


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