Web Dashboard 1.0.9 beta - Logo animation option, other features and bugfix

A new version of Web Dashboard is ready to use online.

In this version:
New => Logo ring color change to Red when Voyager is in running an Action
New => Option switch for Logo animation
New => Reset LocalStorage data button with refresh
New => Unlocked button “Get Telescope Position” during Action
New => Y scale size selection for Autoguide chart
Add => Charts drawing method improved
Add => New classes for Sequence and DragScript List Table for iOS and Safari compliance
Add => Improved responsive inputs sizing in RoboClip window
Add => Improved datatype handling for LocalStorage
Bug => New method sequence at connection prevents trouble in declaration of WebDashboard client to AS

Here you can see Virtual FoV and RoboClip in action

The previous version 1.0.8 beta, that add Virtual FoV and other features, was released at the same time of Voyager 2.2.5, you can find it in this post:

We recommend to use the WebDashboard on Chrome or Firefox browser for better experience.


Thanks for the update and fixes!

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You are welcome Josè!

Thanks, Francesco. I am loving the Dashboard.


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Hi Glen,
I’m very pleased to read this.
Thank you!

Quick question. I watched the video, which is really helpful. I am curious if you solve for the scope position and PA, then you change the PA in the Aladdin viewer, will Voyager use a connected rotator (i.e. NiteCrawler) to match what you changed?

This is a very good question, thanks for asking!
When you change the PA in Virtual FoV it does not affect the Rotator.
Now you can only see the Plate Solving result, including the PA and set/get it on RoboClip as memo, but you need to set it manually in Voyager main interface (commands panel) or in your DragScript with “Rotator move to” block to change on your Rotator.

I add a screenshot for those who do not know where it is located:

Thanks for the quick response. Perhaps a function/button to send the PA change to the rotator would be something to consider.


Agree with you, I think we will add this function in the next version, it can be very useful.


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Awesome! Thanks for the response and confirmation.

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