Web Dashboard available in Demo Mode?

I am in the process of waiting on new hardware, I have been testing / Learning Voyager in Demo mode until my hardware is ready. I am able to do most things in Demo Mode, I’ve read that Demo Mode doesn’t allow DragScripts, but does it allow Web DashBoard? I didn’t see anything on the Wiki saying it was or wasn’t available in Demo Mode. Don’t want to waste time trying to get it to work if is not available in Demo Mode. Thanks

I don’t remember trying the dashboard in demo mode, but it’s super easy to setup.

setup > Remote (tab) - enable the “Allow Web Dashboard” -Voyager must stay open.

Then click on the web dashboard link at the bottom of this page: Voyager - System integration and astrophotography automation software | Web Dashboard

When you are on the same network as your computer running Voyager, enter the IP of the computer running Voyager and press connect. If you are using the same computer that Voyager is running from you can just press connect.

It’s a very useful tool for the framing tool!

Web dashboard doesn’t work in demo mode.