Web Dashboard - directory for images

I have set the default directory in the Voyager application to use my D Drive and not the Documents directory.
When I take images in the application they do get saved to my D Drive. However, when I take images using the web dashboard the images get saved to my documents directory, and not my D Drive.
What have I missed - I cannot see a config in the web dashboard for directories.
I need to use my D Drive as it has a lot of spare space.

Hi ,

service FIT (test, solving) are saved in documents\voyager\FIT and Voyager clear it at start.
For external client (like webdashbaord) you cannot configure the path where to save the file created (are not images but base64 data) saved in Documents\VoyImageDispatch\File

I will add autodelete of this file in the next daily build that I’ve forget to do.

All the best

Thanks for the quick reply Leonardo.