Web Dashboard - do I need to update?

Hey everyone - I’ve installed the latest version of Voyager and am trying again to use the WebDashbaord on my iPad with Safari.
The version at the bottom of the screen says V1.021, but I am confident that there is a more recent version, is there something I need to do to update it?

V1.0.21 is the last , there was a 1.0.22 with auto reconnect but was just sperimental

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Leonardo Orazi

Thanks Leo - I am still trying to work out why mine keeps on disconnecting after a few minutes when I close the browser and do others things (eg: to quickly check an email), when I reconnect back I am unable to see the Dragscript session I started.
I thought maybe I was running an old version. I have JavaScript enabled and otherwise it’s a stock standard iPad with Safari.
Do I need the experimental version?

Nothing to update voyager side or dashboard site.
This do not depends from us. Dragscript running is reported on top , connection box.

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I changed to Firefox and it seems maintaining stable connection; Chrome and MS Edge disconnects frequently on me.

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This disconnection depends on connection link or on browser/device used. For safety some browser /device can decide to close the connection if you change windows or leave more than x minutes minimized.

Like I said this is not something that we can modify and is not a bug, this is inside the browser / device logic.

Chrome and MS Edge are the same things pratically.

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Quick update - I foolishly assumed that an anonymous connection (no username password) would work, but once I added a user and password I was able to use the web dashboard fine )although I wouldn’t call it in depth testing).

Sorry for wasting everyone’s time!