Web Dashboard keep disconnecting?

Dear All,

if you think the problem is on the webdashboard we have testing so extensive the things without found any disconnection so we invite you to check your browser settings or network environment. Nothing to put like timer or similar, things are more complex than this and in anycase voyager have a bidirectional polling system already running.

if you think the problem is the Chrome browser again we do not found any problems but in this case you can ask directly support to Chrome developer with a question on info menù of browser. We suggest to use an instance of chrome with only the web dashboard or do not leave changed the tab where is opened the web dashboard.

if you think other browser is the solution but you do not want to put like default browser please create a link in your desktop to the webdashboard to open instead Article - Open a Link in Non-Default ...

We have done just now other tests with the new version of Chrome and all work fine:

If you want to use a reconnection system in webdashboard look at begin of the thread.
For this reason the thread is closed.

All the best