Web DashBoard...Latest Image?

I have the DashBoard running but the Latest Image doesn’t show up. Is there a setting to get it active?

You have to wait till Voyager captured and download the image and web Dashboard must remain connected. At least that’s my experience.


Hi Peter,

Yes…Thanks. For some reason my Internet stopped and that was the culprit…and yet I didn’t loose my internet connection to Voyager…go figure?? :slight_smile:

All is well again…after a reboot.

Last night I imaged with Voyager. While the sequence was running, I went to the store and checked the status of my sequence with my Android phone and saw a new image displayed. Wicked!!!



Yes, I really love the Web Dashboard. I get the same thrill when I check on my imaging session when I am away from the house.

You must wait that an image coming from Voyager to see something … web dashboard is a web application, cannot show events happen before it opening.

All the best