Web Dashboard - Local or Remote

I’m having a Dilemma at the moment - I figured that the WEB Dashboard was a Full through and through front end type of web server. i.e. I have a Voyager server setup, and wanted to control it externally - but seems the way it is built the Web Dashboard sort of loads up as a Thin client in a way - then you also have to create a NAT rule for 5950 back into the Voyager server as well as the HTTP/HTTPS/WAF rule. which then is connected to by this “thin client” web Interface.

I would have thought instead if I hit the Web Server - and then choose “localhost” or the IP Address for the connection the Web server just serves the Local Connection through to the Web server/Client. This way there is no need to have a NAT rule, but just a WAF on the Firewall for the HTTPS.

I am in the middle of commencing writing a Front end which will use the AS anyway, but as a short term goal I wanted to at least be able to Experiment with the Dashboard Externally to sort of replicate some of the Web Dashboards features as they would be seen Externally.

Application Server is the key , webdashboard is only a client like the FITViewer or RoboTarget etc etc. AS listening on port 5950 TCP/IP so you must NAT it or write a local client and use another protocol for external communications like for some plugin used in Voyager renting applications. Difference between web server local or web server in our website is only who dispatch to you the webpage

If you do not want to NAT the port you can use ZeroTier or VPN service

Thanks for that, as mentioned that is what I had intended to do, by creating a Middleware which would connect to Application Server.

You reference Voyager Renting Applications - is there anything you can recommend? either Off the shelf, or with decent development?

We are basically trying to create a Member based login and operation functionality, which would include maybe a booking system, then Single person operation… Somewhat the same as iTelescope and other services.
I figured the AS was the best place to work on things…but if someone has already done this - then why reinvent the chicken!

For what you intend to do there is the Voyager Advanced NDA License which gives access to the entire scheduler with an additional 100 dedicated APIs. Otherwise it is not possible to manage the targets.

There are several portals that use Voyager Advanced NDA for the functionality you want to put in place and each has used these APIs to create their Bridge client to their portals.

You can contact me privately for more information, this type of license is not for sale via the website.