Web dashboard questions

I really liked the addition of the web dashboard since this allows for a hassle-free connection to the remote computer and is a nice session overview. Also, I really like the framing and mosaic planning tools. I have a few questions though:

  • Does anyone use it with Safari on iOS and/or Mac? Mine keep disconnecting once I switch to another app or tab. Are there any settings for that? My current workaround is to use firefox on Mac.
  • Is there any way to retrieve the “history graph” features, i. e. HFD-graph or auto guiding or latest image? After a disconnect, all graphs populate fresh.

Thanks, everyone.

I dont have problem using in MAC or IOS with Safari, i’m one of the user that doing this.
History of data after disconnecting from server at now isn’t present in web dashboard (at closing of web page disconnection is forced by ciber security rules).

All the best

I think it’s a Mac OS/iOS thing, actually, to serve battery (my older Mac is complaining the page is using a lot of power, the newer one is not). As long as the tab with dashboard is on top, everything keeps connected. If I switch to another tab, the dashboard is disconnected. Firefox just keeps the connection open no matter what but does not work on iOS.

Yes, I thought that there was neither browser storage nor server history implemented. Might require more infrastructure than it is worth, really. I just wanted to make sure I am not missing anything, thank you.