Web Dashboard setup

I am a little confused about how to set up Dashboard. I have a portable setup in my backyard. I am using an Eagle 2 Pro with local host connection from my laptop in the house. I currently use MS Remote Desktop client which works fine.

  1. Can web dashboard replace Remote Desktop, if so how?
  2. Is the IP address used the IPv4 address of the Eagle?
  3. A workflow to setup web dashboard would be appreciated.
    My conception of web dashboard might be all wrong. Sorry if this is simple set of questions, my understanding of setting up equipment using the internet and IP address is limited.
    Thank you.

I assume the Eagle 2 Pro is the PC where you have Voyager running and acquiring data? If so, note its IP address (yes the IPv4) and connect to that using any other PC/tablet/smartphone in the same network using Dashboard.

You could make your Eagle’s address static so that future connections do not need changing any details. If not, it’s just a matter of noting what IP address it was given by your router.

Once you master this you can then look into connecting from computers outside your network by opening ports, etc but leave that aside for the moment and enjoy!


Thanks Roberto for answer.

My addition:

  1. not in some things like on configurations. you can start and supervise dragscript, sequences and all the operations and follow your nights
  2. yes, if have more address you must use the same class between your PC and your remote device
  3. try to follow what Roberto wrote, also some info here:

if you are using the remote desktop now, address is the same.
If you need support please ask for a remote session.
All the best

Thank you for the instructions. I now know how it works and got it to connect.
Thanks again,

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Hello All
It is very common to me to use Voyager in the field where I don’t have access to internet or any network.
Do you have any suggestion how I can configurate my notebook to become the network server and allow me to access the dashboard from my iPad?

Hello Marcio,

activate server:

you must create an hotspot on your pc or on your ipad and create a wifi network, after use the local address of the server in your ipad browser:

For the hotspot you must refer to your OS instructions.

Personally i use a simple portable small (with battery) wifi router that provide also internet … if internet isnt available in anycase create a network wifi where connect ipad and pc.

All the best

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I got my portable wifi router that I can power up using my USB and it is working very well.
Thank you very well for the great help

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You are welcome

All the best