Web Dashboard Shutdown

I am getting to know the Web Dashboard and it is pretty amazing. I have everything connecting
and working together. Last night when I was through with getting all the connections working I went
to disconnect everything from Voyager through the Dashboard. Everything disconnected from Voyager but most of the applications were still open. Is there someway to have Voyager close the apps when it disconnects? It seems to do this with the focuser, but nothing else.

Software Connected by Voyager:

Cartes du Ceil
Seletec Focuser
Meade LX200 GPS
Mallincam DS16c

Is this a feature that the apps have to provide and is outside of Voyager control or is there a setting
I am unaware of?

Thank you for great software

Bob Parry
Chilliwack Observatory

Hi Bob,

thank your for your feeedback, really glad you like the web dashboard.
Voyager doesn’t close the application opened because cannot know at beginning if you want to shutdown all or just reconnect. Also for ASCOM driver the disconnection is managed itself when the last reference to it is closed, we cannot do anything for the ASCOM driver.

With Dragscript you can close all the process and application you want, in this way you can create your own shutdown sequence and also shutdown the PC if needed.

You can also use in DragScript external script to custom shutdown your applications:

You can do this also from the web dashboard using the dragscript list and execution panel:

After created and saved your shutdown dedicated DragScript, retrieve it from the list and execute.

All the best

Thanks for this, I know there would be a means to do this.
Like it more and more.

Bob Parry
Chilliwack Observatory

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