Web Dashboard Suddenly Can't Connect

After being able to connect to the Web Dashboard without any issues for the last month (since we bought Voyager), all of a sudden I can’t connect to it. It says server unavailable.

It was working on Tuesday night and not working on Wednesday night. NO changes were made to the obvious relevant options in Setup or elsewhere.

Also, the Web Dashboard shortcut no longer takes me directly to the Web Dashboard but to the info page about Web Dashboard. (Voyager - System integration and astrophotography automation software | Web Dashboard). Again, this happened

Did something change on the server end recently?

Any ideas why this is happening?

That’s strange. Maybe it was something with your browser. There was a Windows update on Tuesday. Possible could be related after a reboot.

Regarding the shortcut, are you referring to the button in Voyager to take you to the Web Dashboard or a saved browser shortcut? I believe the button in Voyager takes you to the local host shortcut. And if that doesn’t connect, it probably can’t find the server which would mean it did not start up in Voyager. Make sure you are still giving admin privileges when you start Voyager and you click connect on the startup tab before you try to use the web dashboard.

You can also use this link to go to the dashboard: Voyager Web Dashboard
But you will need to enter the IP of the computer where Voyager is running on in the IP/Hostname section and make sure you are on the same network as the computer running Voyager.

Hope that doesn’t seem to basic but it’s where I would start.

-oh yeah make allow web dashboard is still checked in setup>remote>
And in setup>common>webserver “activate on start” is checked.

Hello Jamie,

Thanks for your feedback.

Well, I’m officially, extremely embarrassed to say that I didn’t do the first thing you should always do, which is reboot the PC. Works perfectly, as before.

I’ll see myself out…:slight_smile:

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