Web Interface Mount Control

I am a new user so I am sure I am overlooking something. I connect to my mount from Voyager through TheSkyX. In Voyager I can home, start tracking, stop tracking without a problem. When I go to the Web Interface and connect - it shows the mount is connected. I can see the object I am pointing at in the Virtual FOV so I know Voyager is communicating with the Web Interface. But If I press any of the web mount command buttons like stop tracking, I get a JsonRpc Error Setup is not connected -id:7

Any help appreciated.

I found the cause of my issue. I had setup the startup fields with mount, camera, auto guider,focuser. During my indoor testing, I had removed the cameras. On the main Voyager screen when I choose connect, it showed errors when loading the cameras but the mount and focuser were OK.

In the Web Interface, when I clicked connect I thought everything was OK. There was a green dot on the mount and the window was showing its position. I didn’t care that I had no cameras as that wasn’t part of my test. I did not notice that the interface status window was showing an error.

When I realized that and reconnected my cameras and restarted the web interface everything worked fine. My uninformed suspicion is that any error in connecting a defined item will prevent the web interface from working correctly.