Web UI KeepAlive

Can we have a KeepAlive added to the Web UI? It frequently disconnects if I change windows for a few minutes to look at something else, then I can no longer see the history of the data.

The webdashboard already has the keepalive it’s your browser’s web policies that close the connection. It also depends on your browser. Configure your browser not to do this if possible. In any case reconnect if the connection is closed.

I installed Firefox and the problem still happens. What settings should I be looking for?

I dont know Bill, you can try to ask to the browser support.
I’m not having any problems with Firefox

Hi Leo I removed and reinstalled Firefox, I think I had an older version. I will let you know if this works out.

Well with Firefox this works fine, with no disconnections. I tried the other browsers with all of the sleep and other matters off, and none of them worked at all.

Guess I will use FF for the dashboard.

I use the Web UI occasionally, but don’t leave it running all the time. I’m not always at the same computer so if I want to check on my session, I log into the Web UI from whatever computer I’m near. But of course, there is no history unless I wait a long time.

Just a thought - would it be possible for Voyager to maintain a cache of the recent data so that when a user connects, Voyager can provide the data to the Web UI and populate the history?

History of what exactly ?

The things I’d be most interested in seeing is the Image Stats graph and the Autoguide Graph. It might be nice to see the cooling graph too, but less important.