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Finally completed the first version of WebDashboard Documentation.
You can find here the PDF file, with linked TOC.

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 12.32.50

As soon as possible it will be included in Wiki also.
Hope you enjoy it!



Thank you very much Francesco!

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Thank you Francesco!



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Thank you, Francesco!

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Thanks for the documentation!

I have one question about RoboClip: can we add the system profile information in the target generated to RoboClip? Reason is we may create FoV or mosaic based on different imaging systems; When calling those targets into a sequence, it would be easier if it reminds what profile was used to create the target. Does that make sense?


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Hi Yizhou,
in this version the target generated to RoboClip includes the FoV informations only for Mosaics, because it affects to the tiles size, the position and overall mosaic project, so it redraw the Virtual FoV preview with saved profile data, write it in the canvas window and store locally on the browser the FoV profile loaded.
FoV Profile is different from Voyager Profile, it contains only FoV data information and involves only Virtual FoV.

I not exclude to implement in future the what you are asking.
Anyway you can use free text note field to keep mind of your target detail data, including setup data you are using.

All the best

Thanks to all for the appreciation!
If you have any suggestion, or feedback, about documentation please let us know!

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