WebDashboard issue?

I’m running into a weird issue.
On the machine running Voyager, I can access the web dashboard successfully. Using Edge on Win10.
From another PC (a Mac actually, with Chrome) on the same LAN, it fails: I see the following messages from the application server window:

22:39:57 859 - [063] Started ServerClient Thread with ID 63
22:39:57 875 - [063] Connection from REMOTE PC []
22:39:57 875 - [063] Error : Malformed WebSocket Request [Missing GET]
22:39:57 922 - [063] Socket Disconnected
22:39:57 922 - [063] Thread Finished

Any idea of what could be wrong?
Thanks in advance,

Hi Rodolphe,

please for support use the official channels here:

We do not offer support by forum.

Seems the browser you are using send a bad websocket request to Voyager (we using normal default)
I suggest you to check if you have selected SSL webdashbaord side (remove it because for this support you need a special proxy from us) or update browser or check Chrome configuration.

All the best

Hi Leonardo
Thanks for the reply - will use the support official channel next time!
All the best to you