Webdashboard Offline Image Framing

Hi Guys,

Not sure if this would be possible but because I am imaging in the field, usually without internet connection, I am looking at ways to achieve offline target framing. Usually I have everything prepared before I go but sometimes plans change and also sometimes the framing of the image is not quite as I wanted it and I just need little adjustments to get it right.

With the FOV tool on the webdashboard this works great because I can just move it round and get the new coordinates (or precise goto directly). Without internet connection (when we loose the fov tool) it’s a bit more difficult because I need to make small adjustment manually with trial and error which is really time consuming (unless I am missing a trick?).

So what I was wondering is if it would be possible to use to add functionality to the FOV tool on the web dahsboard to allow a fits file to be loaded instead? This way I could load the last plate solved image into the FOV tool and then change the framing as if I was connected (although I realise I won’t see anything outside the image bounds but that would be ok).

Do you think something like that would be feasable?



virtual fov need internet … for what i know isnt possible to do what you asked … but wait for @Francescodb answer

Hello Mike,
thanks for your question, it allows me to make it clear that WebDashboard VirtualFoV works from Aladin Lite online image data, so I can’t get it in offline mode, as you know. About loading local fits files I don’t know an easy way to keep it running now, I’m sorry. In future we will try to find a solution.

Thanks Guys and no problem.

I’ve found a bit of a work-round by using PlateSolve2 which can display a solved image and show the RA and Dec for the cursor position. This way I can easily work out the new coordinates and feed them into Voyager.


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Offline line image framing would be great!

Maybe an integration option to use the desktop version, or a sync with position angle/telescope view from Stellarium?


Hi Jamie,

not interested in off line framing, you can use your planetarium connected to Voyager for this task or prepare it before and export in CSV for RoboClip.

Thank you so much.

All the best