Webdashboard weather / situational awareness

As an educator who would like to be able to use the dashboard to allow inexperienced students the ability to control some observations without having to get too involved with scripts, I’d like to request the items below for the webdashboard. We had some of these features in other automation packages and the first 3 are very critical to observing remotely:

  • configurable sections in the dashboard to pull images from JPG/PNG’s: weather graphs, sqm graphs, allsky cameras with timers to refresh at a configurable rate, say 1 second to 10 minutes.

  • the same for video streams: mJPEG or .h264 etc streams from video cameras in the dome - this is really helpful when setting up Voyager Advanced or if there’s an “Emergency” in the dragscript - being able to see what your mount/dome is actually doing without having to remote desktop into your control computer.

  • dome status and controls included in the same window as the telescope window

  • a RoboTarget manager window. I’d also like to see an image of the RoboTarget Ephemeris from Voyager in the WebDashboard - those charts are really cool and helpful when explaining to students why their object did or didn’t run.

  • the current image should always be able to pull the last image taken - when you lose connection to webdashboard then log back in, there is no current image until another one has taken. If the next exposure is say, 10-20minutes long, then you have to wait a long time to see what Voyager has been up to. Even if it was a calibration frame, I’d like to see that.

Hi Tim,

we have switched to OpenSkyGems Network for this. Otherwise there is the Voyager API to use to create your own dashboard and webpage extension.

I hope this help

All the best

So does that mean the webdashboard is not being developed further? I will look into the OSG network today. Thank you, Tim

I do not say this, just the level of dashboard actually match what is needed for us.
You can always ask for a custom development.

All the best