Webview on android smartphone

Hi guys,
Struggling to connect my android smartphone running chrome to Voyager using the same network.
Am using my PC running Voyager & my smartphone on the same network.
I can connect successfully to webview using the host PC with Voyager installed on it, so the remote server is setup correctly.
Ive tried using just the IP address, the IP address/hostname & also using the admin credentials - all with the same result - am i missing something really simple?

Check your phone if is on the same network (not just have same IP class) , if you have a firewall on your network check if it allow passing Voyager webdashboard data (port 5950). You have not reported if see or not the page, if you are using voyager web server or page on our website, if you have activated the credentials or not … so really difficult to help you.

Be sure your browser have the javascript enabled.

Some info: