What does 'Action Time Mobile Mean' mean?

When my script finishes (and I assume it is the same for everyone) it give 2 time values. One is obviously the total time of the session and the other is the ‘Mobile Mean’ - I’m guessing that this is the amount of time Voyager spent doing things other than imaging. Is that correct?


It is the moving average of the time taken to execute that type of action for a window that includes the last 50 executions. I’ll fix the text.

Thanks. Why would we want to know this?

And, would it be possible report the time spent taking a photo vs time spent in ‘overhead’? That would be a very interesting thing to track.

Its important for calculating timing, you cannot considering it if you prefer.
Instead know the overhead is not something that we are interested in, anyway if you want … you can get the sequence end time projection and subtract to the time get from the sequence calculator, what remains is the overall overhead.