What is the emergency resume logic

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What is the logic in the emergency resume?

Voyager will resume from where it left off? It will continue the sequence or will it start from scratch. Will it peform an autofocus, in case it has been several hours in suspend mode?

What do people typically include in the resume block

I have voyager running in a remote observatory and we have roof status information etc



Hi Paul,

I am by no means the resident expert here but I have been using Voyager for a year with good results.
I am using a dome. After a emergency suspend event, Voyager will stop my mount tracking, stop the sequence running, and close my dome. During a emergency resume event after clearing, Voyager will re open my dome and depending upon any time constraints I have in my current sequence, will restart the sequence which includes pointing, plate solving, focusing, etc or move on to the next sequence. The sequence starts from the beginning, not where it left off. However, I’ve read in forum posts where in a future version of Voyager, Leo is planning on implementing a sophisticated scheduling scheme where starting where it left off may be possible. You can find some posts about this within the forum. I will defer to Leo to answer questions about this.

There are many fine examples of drag scripts on the forum which have good examples of what to put in the emergency resume block. You should check them out for ideas based on your equipment. Also good examples in the Wiki.


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Thanks for the response.

So voyager restarts the sequence from scratch? That good to know. And so that will include the centering and inject autofocus that happens during the start of a sequence.


Yes, if you have those options selected within your sequence it will do all that. If you have a long sequence with several different filters, it may be best to break those out into separate sequences with time constraints. That way, if you get a emergency suspend event and it clears out later, based on the time constraints in your drag script, Voyager will move on to the next filter. This is also useful when your shooting more than one target during the night and want the exposures to be at specific times based on the altitude of your object. I put time constraints in all my drag scripts. This can also be done via altitude restraints. Voyager is very flexible in this regard.