What is the purpose of the slots repeat?


Could I get a real-life example of the reason behind the slots repeat feature? Why not set how many images you need for a specific target in the main sequence configuration window?

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My workflow is slightly different now as I moved up to Voyager Advanced, but it comes to a similar effect.

If for instance you want 40 exposures on a target (Per filter, with a mono camera) you could just set up a sequence with 40 repeats of whatever exposure time for each filter, group by filter and it will just run through them in turn. The problem is that you will probably not get through all filters in a night and seeing might vary, or you might have a string of cloudy nights etc. Shooting say 5-5-5 RGB, group by filter and repeating that 8 times, you might get 20 subs per filter in a night and if you then have a month of clouds, you at least have an image to work with. If you shoot 40-40-40 you would maybe have 40 red, 20 Green and nothing else in that situation.

Grouping them in something like 5-5-5 repeating also means you should have groups of data for all filters shot in similar seeing.



Thank you for the reply. Makes sense

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