Where do I find how far through a sequence is?

Two questions:
Where do I find how far through a sequence is? At the end of a night if I have a half done sequence, is there a way of telling that without looking at the subs taken? If I start the next night shooting with the sequence does the sequence remember where it was at and continue?

In the sequence there is a sequence mode, I tried the Group by Slot with Repeat ticked, however it performed my shoot as if done without the repeat box ticket.

I’m also running all this in dragscript if that helps.

Voyager doesn’t have memory on sequence. Paradigm is time slot and not slot numbers.
If you check repeat be sure to choose a number of repeat greater than 1

All the best

Hey Leonardo,

Thank you for your reply.

I have my Repeat set for 4 as shown in this image.

As shown by the timestamps it just sequenced all of the L filter and shot the RGB after the L was completed.

Sorry but the image doesn’t help to understand.
Also you haven’t managed the cooling in sequence.

For how you have configured sequence you will have 90 L , 20 R, 20 G, 20 B and repeat of 90 L , 20 R, 20 G, 20 B and so for 4 times.

Where is the problem ? Sorry but I dont understand

All the best

Ah sorry I understand, complete misunderstanding on my behalf of how sequences work in Voyager. Thank you!