Which Version of TheSkyX Needed?

I’ve been reading about Voyager for a few days now. It seems the perfect software to automate my whole system and my new dome.

I do have a question though. What version of TheSkyX is needed for Voyager to use solely for planetarium duty? Can the student version work, or do I need the Pro version?

Right now I am using N.I.N.A. and Stellarium and I am running everything with ASCOM.

I am just looking for a planetarium software that would work best with Voyager, but I don’t want to spend so much money on the Pro version of TheSkyX


Welcome Andrew,

here the list of what is supported from Voyager, you will found also the Planetarium list:

Someone is at payment someone is free … generaly if you have internet connection you can also do directly a search on Sesame/Simbad system without setting up a planetarium. At end you can refine the framing using the Virtual FoV facilities in Voyager with direct view in color and pseudo stretch on realtime.

If you want to use TheSkyx you need this version : TheSkyX Professional Edition 10.1.11 and later.

NINA is a great application but its so far from how Voyager work.

All the best

You can use CDC or Hallo Northern Sky, both of which are free.