Which version of Voyager should I use?

I am building a ROR observatory. I have experience in electronics and coding, so I’ve set up the equipment that will automatically control the roof using RRCI. This observatory will have 2 piers, with each telescope using its own NUC running Windows. There will be a main computer in the warm room running Windows as well. I plan on using the piers independently (9.25 EdgeHD and an Esprit 120) to image different targets.

My question is this: Which version of Voyager would work best here? Ideally, I’d like to control everything from the main computer in the warm room. Is this a job for the Array version, or is there a better solution?

Thanks everyone!

Array applies to systems where only mount carrying multiple scope/cameras, and you want them to be operated in sync mode. For your case it seems to be simply two instance of Base Version would be sufficient.

Better yet, two Advanced version which is coming soon :slight_smile:

I add that if you need to manage the weather or emergency events in your case we have a dedicated plugin for observatory with centralized Roof management and more than one piers:

The Distributed Emergency Plugin allows you to centralize the emergency data coming from monitoring systems such as the Weather, I/O cards via Viking and ASCOM Safe or TEXT Safe type controls. Centralized data can be used by all Voyager installations present as an instance or as an element in the Observatory’s LAN network.

This is perfect information! Thank you! I’ll definitely use the Distributed Emergency Plugin to sync all the telescopes with the weather and safe sensors. So I should use the basic version, installed on 3 PCs, and have the plugin on the main computer to control the roof and send info to the piers.

Will the basic license be upgradeable to the advanced version when it becomes available?