Why am I Getting Artifacts in Stars Imaged in a Sequence?

I’m new to Voyager. I took a single, PHD2 guided exposure configured in Sequence Configuration. On Start Tab I had ‘Point Target On Start’ checked, with no ‘Time Wait on Start’ configured. It was a simple Light, 5 minute exposure with Luminance filter, Native Guide Control selected in the Guide/Dithering Tab (which would give me PHD2 guided control). Many of the brighter stars had artifacts in the center. I took the same guided exposure at the same position in the sky, not using Voyager but with MaximDL6 and the stars were just fine. I assume I’m not configuring something correctly in Sequence Configuration??

What camera are you using there? I use a ZWO CMOS cam and the native driver. The only time I have seen any artifacts was when I changed my camera setup and messed up the camera setup. I was careless and instead of setting up defaults of gain 0, offset 50 I set gain 50, offset 0. The results were odd to say the least. And it only showed up where the defaults were used (Plate solving and sequences) Any “On the fly” images looked perfect as you set the offset and gain in the settings dialog before shooting.

Thanks Blue, I’ll take a hard look at the camera settings. I’m using an ASCOM driver, not native, for the FLI CMOS camera, so I believe both Voyager and MaximDL see the same ASCOM camera settings but I’ll check.