Wide Field Sh2-101, Tulip Nebula Region


first light of the asi 2600mc-pro from a sky with heavy light pollution.

9/7/2021 Poggio Rusco, 16 mt, sqm=18.97
Canon EF 200 f/2.0, Asi 2600mc-pro, Avalon Linear, Voyager
Integration: 40x180s, Total Integration: 2h 0m


Marzio, really nice. Was it broadband? I’m doing one in narrowband but here I see a lot of detail.


For this job I used Optolong L-Enhance.
When I test the instruments from the terrace of the house unfortunately I photograph with a very strong IL and so I used this filter.
I also use the old Lumicon Deep Sky which in my view is better than many others, including Optolog L-Pro. Optolong L-Extreme on the other hand, again in my personal opinion, is a bit too drastic. Obviously it depends on what object you make and what IL you have.

But when I want to take serious shots I try to escape to the mountains and … I don’t use filters. :star_struck:

Ciao, Marzio

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Really nice Mario. It is increadible what you can achieve with an OSC camera and anti light pullution filters. I am looking forward to see your images from a dark location.



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