Will this script work?

Here is a script that I have written to automate my nightly observing run. I still have to add events and end of night actions. But before I do that I want to make sure the script is going to execute as needed.

The idea is a run the script and the software tests the first star (XX Pup) and if it is not in the hour angle range of -3 to +2 it then moves on to the next star (does not wait for XX Pup to rise). It then checks the next star and so forth. When it reaches the last star it will cycle back and try the firs

t star again. This will continue until the end of astronomical night.

If a star is found to be in the range HA -3 to +2 then it will execute the assigned sequence. The sequence will run until the star reaches +3 hour angle and then finish. The stars are separated by 6 hours of RA and so when one star finishes it will move to the next star. If no star is within range then the script will continue cycling until one of the stars rises into position. It will then image that star for 6 hours.

Will the attached script do that?

The script do what you ask, but i dont know how you configured the sequence … if the sequence have a flag to exit for HA yes … if not this script doesn’t do what you ask.

Generally i found a problem … if a sequence exit with error your night is lost.
If a sequence exit for error you can create a block where send a mail and restart the script … so in this case if the error is simple recoverable the script continue and you save the night otherwise all finish. If you receive mail or other signals in Voyager you can check wht happens.

All the best

Thanks Leo. Correct, the sequence checks HA > +3 to end the sequence and return OK. It is okay if the sequence exits on error that the script send an email. I can then look at the problem and when corrected I can then restart the script.