Window panel sizes


I’m very new to Voyager. Due to the weather I’ve only got as far as manually operating my connected devices from the startup panel having previously setup my profile & running the first light wizard for autofocus. I have many questions. Here is the first one:

When I click on the Sl button on the observatory panel to slave it to my mount it does so just fine but all the visible panels shrink in size making it really difficult to see & use anything as per the included image.

Has anyone experienced this behaviour before & know what causes it & how to restore the panel sizes without having to restart Voyager? It only seems to happen when I slave the observatory.

seems you are using a huge resolution for your monitor, try to lover it.
What you think is small is really the real measure in pixels of the objects and OS do not resize it.

Thank you, I’ve reduced the resolution slightly & that seems to help.