Workaround for Canon & SBIG Users

Hey all,

Just wanted to pass along a rough workaround for using Canon and SBIG (and other) cameras with Voyager, in the event that one does not want to buy SkyX or Maxim. For $95 you can get Nebulosity 4.3, which has a ASCOM driver that allows external applications to interface with it as an ASCOM camera. I tested this using the latest 4.3 build of Nebulosity and a Canon 6D and FLI ML8300 camera (sorry, I dont have an SBIG camera) and the latest stable build of Voyager.

A few things to note though:

  1. Temperature control is not possible through this driver. You will need to control the cooler in Nebulosity, and turn off Voyager’s temperature control in your sequence. Also note that the FITS header will NOT contain information about the camera temperature.
  2. Readout mode changes are not possible through the driver. You will need to set this in Nebulosity, and will likely need to use slow download mode for all actions. (If your camera supports different readout modes).

These were the only limitations I noted while doing the limited amount of testing I was able to do with simulators. While it would be more ideal to use SkyX or Maxim as you have full control capability, this is a lower cost option with a trade-off.

Nebulosity also has a external filter wheel ASCOM driver as well, so if your wheel also does not have an ASCOM driver, you can use Nebulosity to work around that as well. I did not test the filter wheel control though, so YMMV.

As always, fully test your system if you elect to go down this path.

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Thanks Bill, best solution is to use one of the controls available in Camera control in Voyager. Probably more coming but not planning now.

All the best

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