Write the HFD to the FITS header

Hi Leo

would it be possible to write the HFD to the FITS header?

This would enable the monitoring of image quality and for trend analysis



Hello Nick,

you have trend analysys in web dashboard. HFD is used by Voyager watchdog to check sequence data quality. I’m sure to put HFD in FIT when the autofocus is done.

All the best

Hi Leo

what I would need is for the HFD analysis to be done after each and every light frame and write it to the FITS header.

The trend analysis for historical, long lived comparison between subs from different nights, new moons, separate years. I would also like to use this to automate the rescheduling.

I hope this is possible

thanks Leo


Hi Leo,

Would it be possible for the FITS Viewer to write the HFD to it’s log file? We could extract this information from the logs as we currently do for the guiding results from the Voyager logs.

Thank you,


I’m trying a solution to help all.