ZWO ASI camera gain

I have two different ASI cameras in my observatory, a 2600MC Pro and a 6200 MM Pro. I was curious, if you have an ASI, what gain setting are you using in the sequence settings? I am a fairly new Voyager and ASI user and was interested in what others are using for the setting. Thanks.

I have a 2600MM pro and a 2600MC Pro. The MC I generally use with gain 0 offset 50 for all targets and the MM with the same for broadband filters, and gain 100 offset 50 for narrowband.

Thanks. I’ll take a look at those settings for my cameras.

I have the 2600MC DUO, using Voyager and SkyX. Only had it for a couple weeks, but I started with gain 0 offset 0 - it was clipping at the low end and would not plate solve. I have it set to 100 and 50 now and it looks good, still has some plate solve issues (I think it’s a SkyX issue with color cameras). I’ll probably pull it back to 50, 25 after tonight to better preserve the dynamic range.

I’ve had a ASI 6200 MM pro since 2020. For most of my work I use gain 100 offset 50. High conversion gain lowers readnoise dramatically which is important for me as I usually shoot very faint targets. I also bin 2x2 so there is a dynamic range benefit. If most of my targets were fairly bright and I was shooting broadband, 1x1 Gain 0 offset 50 would be just fine. Definitely use Gain 100 for narrowband.

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Thanks for the replies. We have been using 100 and 50 for gain and offset for everything but are trying 0 gain for broadband to see how that works for us.